What We Believe

What We Believe

Our beliefs … how does one confine a statement of belief that involves so much (the whole Bible) and means so much to us (more than our own lives) to a brief, concise, yet attractively informative statement on a Web page? That is my task here and I beg your forgiveness for the clumsiness of the effort to reduce such grand, vast and eternal truths to a few words.

About God

We believe, first of all that God is. Again, how does one stop there when such a weighty, awe-inspiring statement demands so much more? But for brevity’s sake we must push on. We believe that those who diligently seek Him are rewarded by Him in ways incomprehensible, with joy inexpressible and with peace that passes understanding. Believing that the God who presents Himself to us in the Bible is the only true God, we devote ourselves to Him heart, body and soul. He is our life. We believe that to honor Him we must serve the needs of our fellow man with the same diligence and passion with which He does. We believe that He gave His only begotten Son that we might live; His Son died on the cross that our penalty might be paid; He extended mercy and grace at great sacrifice to Himself. We can and will do no less.

Concerning Worship

To honor Him we not only strive to offer Him our whole-life service every day of our lives, we offer Him our heart-felt worship. In accordance with His will, each first day of the week we humbly and obediently assemble with fellow believers to sing praises to His name as well as sing songs, hymns and spiritual songs to edify one another. In our worship we offer our Him our prayers of petition, thanksgiving and supplication asking that He bless us with wisdom to use for His glory all that He gives us. While gathered, we assemble around a table of fellowship with our Lord and one another remembering, as He taught us, His death until He comes. In our assemblies we give attention to the reading and teaching of His word that our lives might be strengthened spiritually and that our spirits might be emboldened to carry out our God-given commission to go into all the world teaching the good news of salvation and making disciples of those who believe. Also upon the first day of the week, in order to support the works of His kingdom locally and throughout the world, we give back to Him in a financial way as He has prospered us. We find our instructions for these efforts to honor Him in the New Testament and will gladly show them to any who are interested in the same.

Concerning Salvation

As to doctrine, we have no creed but Christ. We believe that the Holy Bible is just that, holy; it is inspired (from the very breath) of God. While we have bothers and sisters of like precious faith throughout the world we are not connected to any earthly religious body or headquarters and only submit to the rule of Heaven itself. To become a part of that body of believers, according to God’s word one must come to know and trust the grace of the God of heaven by hearing the word of Christ (Romans 10:17). Having come to a faith-filled knowledge of Him and of His Son we know we cannot be in His eternal fellowship unless we are willing to turn from and put to death any passion for sin and choose rather to be His disciple (Luke 13:3; Romans 6:10). Because Jesus is the Son of God and because God has made Him King of kings and Lord of lords, we willingly and passionately confess His name (Matthew 10:32-33, Romans 10:10) and submit to the washing away of the guilt of all past sins in the blood of Christ through the God-given medium of baptism in water (Acts 2:38, 22:16). We strive to walk with Him in light, looking to Him for guidance, and asking for His forgiveness for our failures, which He mercifully and willingly gives (1 John 1:5-9).

The passages and thoughts listed here are for any interested persons who want to know what we believe. We are more than happy to aid anyone in examining the scriptures more fully to learn the way of God more perfectly.